Assorted Cap Pack




Product Features
2 Sports Caps. The Vapur Sport Cap is a push-pull spout that's perfect for everyday, or active hydration. Each Sport Cap also includes a clear protective dust shield. 2 Screw Caps. The Vapur Screw Cap is a tight fitting alternative to safeguard you from leaks. 2 Additional Dust Shields. The Vapur Dust Shield is the sport cap protector. It will block dust and debris, so your sport cap keeps clean! Made in the USA
Product FAQ
Q: Where are Vapur Anti-Bottles made? A: 100% made in the USA   Q: What materials are used? A: BPA-free polyethylene & nylon   Q: How long does it last? A: 3 to 4 years, depending on use and abuse   Q: How do I clean it? A: They're dishwasher-safe!

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