Shades - Cyan Blue - 0.5L




Product Features
This product was created in California and manufactured in the United States. True to all Vapur Anti-Bottles, they are designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning SuperCap - Tough Seal. Easy Open Durable 3-ply construction Made in the USA Dishwasher safe BPA free
Product FAQ
Q: Where are Vapur Anti-Bottles made? A: 100% made in the USA   Q: What materials are used? A: BPA-free polyethylene & nylon   Q: How long does it last? A: 3 to 4 years, depending on use and abuse   Q: How do I clean it? A: They're dishwasher-safe!

love it

Its nice and compact! Easy to use and like it better than the Reflex bottle. I would prefer to use the .7L usually but if im not at the gym or being super active, this is the perfect size. ALSO the customer service is awesome and very helpful!!!!


Nice idea, good product...until it broke

Don't fill it up with water and drop it. The seals at the top of the bottle where the flexible plastic join with the hard plastic lid receptacle can't take the pressure caused by the impact when the bottle is full. I found this out the hard way. It honestly was only about a 4-5 foot fall. I am pretty dissapointed. Back to Camelback and Nalgene.

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