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Product Features
Reinforcing Grommet Sport Cap Durable 3-ply construction Taste free & odor resistant Dishwasher safe BPA Free Made in the USA 3M Stickers Reusable Foldable Freezable Attachable
Product FAQ
Q: Where are Vapur Anti-Bottles made? A: 100% made in the USA   Q: What materials are used? A: BPA-free polyethylene & nylon   Q: How long does it last? A: 3 to 4 years, depending on use and abuse   Q: How do I clean it? A: They're dishwasher-safe!   Q: How do I apply my sticker? You can peel your Quencher stickers from the sheet and stick them directly on your Anti-Bottle. Once your stickers are on, you’ll be able to take them off, but you won’t be able to reuse them. If you want to be able to reposition your stickers before putting them on, follow these instructions:   A: Before applying your Quencher stickers to your Anti-Bottle... 1. Create an even mixture of multi-surface cleaner & water 2. Wet the surface of the Anti-Bottle with the solution 3. Peel the sticker from the sheet & apply them to your Quencher! This allows you to move your stickers around before the solution dries. Pat your Anti-Bottle dry once the sticker is in the right position and voila! The sticker will dry & your Quencher will be ready to use!   Psst! Anti-Bottles & Quencher stickers are dishwasher safe!   Q: How do I remove my sticker?   A: Easily remove your Quencher stickers by wetting the surface of your Anti-Bottle, focusing on the areas around the stickers you’d like to remove. Gently, peel the sticker from your Anti-Bottle. Use an even mixture of water and vinegar and, with a paper towel, remove any excess adhesive. Dish soap works too!   * Sticker removal maybe slightly more difficult if your Anti-Bottle has been dish-washed Once old stickers are removed, new stickers can be put on!

Awesome Product!

This is a totally awesome product, I love it! It's the perfect water bottle 4 kids



Want them


Love it!

Despite only holding a couple sips of water I love the fun size water bottle because it fits in my jacket pocket. Suddenly its possible to take a little bit of water with me on a long day of skiing and my other winter activities. Sometimes being able to carry even a couple sips of water makes all the difference.


Sooo rad!

My kids are going to love their new Quencher bottles!


Great Item

Great little item.I freeze my water in it and take to the golf course with me.

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