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Product Features
This product was created in California and manufactured in the United States. True to all Vapur Anti-Bottles, they are designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning. Reinforcing grommet Sport cap Durable 3-ply construction Made in the USA Dishwasher safe BPA free
Product FAQ
Q: Where are Vapur Anti-Bottles made? A: 100% made in the USA   Q: What materials are used? A: BPA-free polyethylene & nylon   Q: How long does it last? A: 3 to 4 years, depending on use and abuse   Q: How do I clean it? A: They're dishwasher-safe!

unique in design

mine is a blue reflex bottle .. I can fill up my bottle as it stands and set out to do what ever I please.. ,when it is empty, I fold it up and slip it into my pocket or purse with the confidence it will fit with ease .....I can hang it from my belt loop for a hands free need.....this bottle is fantastic and frankly fascinating....


Great product, great service

I love this water bottle. I take it with me pretty much everywhere I go. Especially when it comes to traveling: this pretty much ranks up there with my ipod in terms of must-have travel gear. So I was already impressed with Vapur's product, but I have to say the customer service has really put it over the top for me. I emailed customer service a few days ago about a tiny leak my bottle had sprung, and they had a brand-new one delivered to my house within a few days. It's so rare to find a company that not only makes great products but also has great customer service. Vapur definitely gets a thumbs-up from me.


Every College Student Needs One

I got my Anti-Bottle for Christmas my senior year of high school and as I begin my junior year of college it's still going strong! My school is trying to put a ban on the sale of bottled water and is pushing reusable water bottles (as they should). Many of my friends try to save money by reusing glass tea bottles but eventually they break and that gets dangerous. I tried the rubbery ones when I played soccer as a kid but they would always hiss at me as they warmed up and tasted like plastic when they were new. Kleen Kanteens tasted like I was sucking on spare change, and the imitation Nalgene that my mom brought home after finding out that the real ones caused cancer started leaking immediately after I dropped it on concrete the first and only time. I have dropped this thing so many times and it has never leaked. My water actually tastes like water instead of coins and plastic. I also walk/bike everywhere so I can just throw my empty bottle in my backpack and fill it up when I reach my destination which saves my back. Plus, every year when I'm packing to go back to the dorms it's the item that takes up the least amount of space in my suitcase since it stores flat. Bottled water is too expensive for college students and too expensive for the planet. I'm definitely getting another one!


Great bottle shame about the top

I have four of these bottles and I love them. But ... all of them have developed leaky tops. I've got round it by using a top from an ordinary water bottle as the fit seems to be standard otherwise it would have been a minus one star rating


Finally, a water bottle design that works!

Vapur has designed a perfect, take-anywhere, flexible, foldable water bottle. I travel for work and this will now be my exclusive water bottle. As soon as I pass security, I'll fill it up with water and take it on the plane. Couldn't be easier, lighter, and non-bulky. It's also getting me to drink more water because it's so darn fun to use. I bought the sports cap and with a little squeeze of the bottle, you get a full stream of water right into your mouth. You don't even have to bend your head back like a traditional water bottle. Love it!

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