DrinkLink Hydration Tube System




Product Features
36” taste and odor free BPA-Free Hydration Tube High Flow Bite Valve with integrated on/off feature Quick connect technology allows for easy removal of the bite valve which can click directly into the DrinkLink Can be used with virtually any pack Compatible with all SuperCap Vapur Anti-bottles Lightweight Durable
Product FAQ
Q: How do I use it? A: All you need to do is remove the SuperCap and replace it with the DrinkLink, plug the Hydration Tube into the DrinkLink, and now you’ve created a Hydration Reservoir to slide into any pack. For on-the-go, one handed hydration, pop the bite valve off the Tube and click it directly into the DrinkLink.   Q: Where is it made? A: The bottle is 100% made in the USA. The DrinkLink system is made in China.   Q: How do I clean it? A: The system is top-rack dishwasher safe except for the Hydration Tube. To clean the tube, disasemble the tube from the connection pieces and run water through it.   Q: Are there replacement parts available? A: Not at this time, but check back in with us as replacement parts should be available in the future. For questions on this, email us at info@vapur.us.   Q: What Vapur bottles will the DrinkLink system work with? A: The DrinkLink system will pair with any Vapur Anti-Bottle that has a SuperCap.   Q: What will the Vapur Anti-Bottle with the DrinkLink system fit into? A: The DrinkLink system has been designed to fit into any type of pack. Pair it with your favorite pack!   Q: What materials make up the DrinkLink? A: The DrinkLink system is made out of Delron and BPA-Free Polypropylene.

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