DrinkLink Hydration Tube System with 1.5L Shades - Translucent Blue




Product Features
36” taste and odor free BPA-Free Hydration Tube High Flow Bite Valve with integrated on/off feature Quick connect technology allows for easy removal of the bite valve which can click directly into the DrinkLink Can be used with virtually any pack Compatible with all SuperCap Vapur Anti-bottles Lightweight Paired with the BPA-Free 1.5L SuperCap Anti-Bottle Anti-Bottle is Freezable, Dishwasher Safe, and Ultra Durable
Robert Provenzano

Bad design

You can see right in the picture that the area were you screw the cap on has groves. I thought since it is translucent, that l was just seeing the groves for the cap, and that the outer part which the rest of the bottle is laminated to would be one continuous smooth area. It is actually four different 16th" groves spaced about a 16th" apart, instead of being a half inch smooth surface to laminate the plastic to. Made to fail and fail it did after 3 uses, even though l made a special cradle for it so it wouldn't move around in my hydration pack, and protected the hose from getting damaged. I would not just put it in a hydration pack without protecting the water line, or I'm sure it would fail the first usage. Pour design.